The beginning.

First of all, thanks for finding our brand new site. It’s taken a bit of effort even getting to this stage and now that it’s finally up and running after so long, it’s somewhat of an achievement for us. You’re probably wondering why this site even exists or perhaps wondering what it’s about – luckily for you I’ll explain.

OutfitSociety was created by my good friend Nav Khuttan over half-a-decade ago as an Instagram page showcasing and reposting streetwear outfits and sneakers. With a lot of hard work and 570,000+ followers later I asked Nav if I could create a blog / site on behalf of OutfitSociety. Despite myself holding absolutely zero qualifications and experience in journalism or fashion, he agreed.

With the two of us interested in different types of streetwear I felt as if this was the perfect opportunity to express our love for fashion and sneakers (or ‘trainers’) with this site acting as a sort of ‘hub’ for streetwear, trends, sneakers and just general outfit ideas and discussions without taking it too seriously.

The plan is to write two new posts every week or at least once a week. If and when this site gains more popularity and traction we can post more frequently and expand on what this site has to offer.

Thanks for reading our very first ever post. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.

If you haven’t already, check out @outfitsociety for ‘hyped’ streetwear and our new fashion focused page @outfitsocietyblog on Instagram

Outfit Society

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